Practising some sports frankly makes me feel free, makes me escape from my thoughts and concentrate on something. 
I’m not professional at any of my practices but this is not my goal….
The goal is to have fun and to  get to know myself more.

Yoga / Pilates

My everyday morning routine after a cup of coffee :

Gun Skills

Preparation is the key might sound like a cliche but it’s the truth . Learning gun skills takes a lot of discipline and control . Training-Gun-Fire-1-1


One of the things I love is watching and  playing tennis…

Martial arts

One of my best friends back in London is a professional stunt performer. Getting to know more about  my friend’s work, made me realise how dedicated and professional stunt people are. For me is mesmerizing what they do for a living and what they create on set. 

So, I thought I should practise on my combat skills, so I can be prepared…. who knows what may come up…what my next job would be… 

but yep, I’m still a beginner in martial arts.


While growing up on the sea coast in  Bourgas Bulgaria, everybody went to train swimming….and up to this day I love to swim .

Contemporary dance

From a young age I’ve trained contemporary dance which taught me discipline,consistency and dedication. Which are qualities which you can take for life.


Living in London made me want to escape from the tube and rush hour, so I came back to cycling…You always feel more childish and free while cycling, especially  when it is rainy and windy …