Photographer: Edo Brugue

Tanya Kostadinova is an actress based in London and Sofia .

She trained at Met Film School , Ealing Studios London.

Tanya loves to take on roles that are both physically and vocally demanding ; from broad, physical action to high-stakes drama, she commits to her work fully and fearlessly.

She has played title roles in two critically – acclaimed productions Resignation Day and Coercion

Resignation Day is Winner at Best Action Film Category at Paris Film Festival
Best short Nominee at London Short Film Festival Official Selection at

Coercion was Nominated at

Won Best Production at London International Film Festival January Awards 2021  . Best Short Film Production Winner at New York Movie Awards 2021, Prague International Film Festival and Best Production at Raindance Film Festival 2020 .

Tanya is playing the role of Penelope at the outstanding theatre show ” Odysseus ” directed by the critically acclaimed director Diana Dobreva.

When she’s not performing, Tanya can be found meditating, practising yoga and pilates or horse riding . Overanalyzing Stanley Kubrick or Fellini’s films.

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